Summer vacations are always a fun time! Time to relax, enjoy, make new friends, and most importantly, to learn something new! That’s exactly the promise of Code Ninjas Summer Camps. Our 2023 summer camp was off to a great start on 30th May with 23 different camp options to choose from all through summer.

Week 1 (30th May - 2nd June 2023)

Week 1 of our summer camp was a shorter 4 day week but none the less, we had 6 different camps and most importantly, lots of fun!

Morning Camps:

  • Jr STEM Discoveries

  • Modding with Minecraft®

  • Robotics with LEGO®

Afternoon Camps:

  • 3D Design and Print

  • Intro to Roblox Development

  • Stop Motion Animation

While our little Ninjas in the Jr STEM Discoveries camp designed & built hands on projects like marble machines, electric play dough and tall towers, the participants in the Robotics with LEGO® camp designed, built and coded lots of fun creations like a silly dancing robot and a digital working safe!

Intro to Roblox Development and Modding with Minecraft camps delved from the basics of game building and creative development where the kids built their own 3D worlds to more advanced modification creations where they created their own custom tools, weapons, armors and more.

In the Stop Motion Animation camp, our young friends experimented with video production through a variety of mediums including Claymation, LEGO® Minifigures, paper cutouts, and more! Capturing images frame-by-frame, they produced videos in a rapid prototyping style. And in the 3D Design and Print Camp, our Ninjas explored and created 3D models in Tinkered which took physical shapes on our in house 3D Printers.

And this was just the beginning of our awesome summer camps! Check out some of our Week 1 pictures below.

Still thinking about what your kid should do this summer? Click the link below to check out our 2023 Summer Camp schedule. Lots of options to choose from!