Summer vacations are always a fun time! Time to relax, enjoy, make new friends, and most importantly, to learn something new! That’s exactly the promise of Code Ninjas Summer Camps. Our 2023 summer camp was off to a great start on 30th May with 23 different camp options to choose from all through summer.

Week 2 (5th June - 9th June 2023)

Week 2 was full 5 days of awesome new things to learn for our Ninjas! We again had 6 different camps on offer at our center.

Morning Camps:

  • 3D Design and Print

  • Code your own Robot in Minecraft®

  • Stop Motion Animation

Afternoon Camps:

  • Jr STEM Discoveries

  • Become a YouTuber

  • Operation: Code Breakers

3D Design and Print

In our camp this week, we learned how to create 3D models in Tinkercad! We started by learning how to manipulate basic shapes to create a printable key chain with our names on it. After that, we were able to create brand new shapes, we used this to design custom bubble wands, make a 3D painting of a futuristic world, and model our favorite animals. Using all of the tools and skills we gained through the week we were able to print and take home many of our own designs!

And of course, we blew bubbles with our 3D printed bubble wands!

Code your own robot in Minecraft

Everyone loves Minecraft! At Code Ninjas, we love Minecraft Education because you can create your own in-game robot. We began by teaching our robot how to move, then place and break blocks for us. As we learned more, we were able to code our robot to mine, farm and care for our animals! This makes survival mode as easy as creative!

Stop Motion Animation

The possibilities are endless with Stop Motion Animation. We tried out many types of animation: Claymation, where we modeled our scenes and characters using clay. Then we used Legos to build our characters and props instead. Stop motion can even be done using real people and places to animate. Once we were able to combine these creative skills with the practical understanding of lighting, camera angles and storytelling, we were able to create several short videos to show off our creations!


STEM Discoveries is all about hands-on experience. Our youngest Ninjas learn about the basics of circuitry with Snap Circuts, coding with Scratch Jr and more! We used magnetic tiles to build a marble maze, recycled materials to make slingshots and even learned how to use 3D pens!

Operation: Code Breakers

Throughout this camp we learned the art of Cryptography! This included types of Encryption and Decryption (How to create and solve secret messages) Once we understood Morse code, we learned how to send secret messages and code virtual escape rooms. Once we had all of these skills, we created a real life escape room for our fellow campers!

Still thinking about what your kid should do this summer? Click the link below to check out our 2023 Summer Camp schedule. Lots of options to choose from!