Summer vacations are always a fun time! Time to relax, enjoy, make new friends, and most importantly, to learn something new! That’s exactly the promise of Code Ninjas Summer Camps. Our 2023 summer camp was off to a great start on 30th May with 23 different camp options to choose from all through summer.

Week 3 (12th June - 16th June 2023)

As the summer heats up in Houston, our fun Week 3 of Summer Camps was 5 days full of amazing new things created by our Ninjas! We had 6 different camps on offer at our center.

Morning Camps:

  • Jr Adventures in Game Design

  • Code your own cartoons

  • Modding with Minecraft®

Afternoon Camps:

  • Jr Inventors with Makey Makey

  • Makers with Microcontrollers

  • Intro to Roblox Development

Code your own Cartoon
In this camp Ninjas learnt how to express themselves and let their creativity shine through code, while working together to have fun crafting both silly and unique theme stories in scratch. Scratch is a kid friendly, visual programming language. Throughout this week, Ninjas leveled up their knowledge of basic coding concepts, as well as their storytelling abilities. By the end of the camp, the ninjas learnt how to do the block, coding animation, cutting concepts, and Code extensions with scratch to create their own unique cartoons!
Modding in Minecraft
This camp teaches ninjas how to make unique mods (which are modifications that change the game) in Minecraft! They created their own custom tools, weapons, armor, enemies, new dimensions and much more!
Jr Inventors with Makey Makey 
Using a Makey Makey circuit board and maker materials, Ninjas learned how to design and build music, interfaces, games controllers, games, and much more! This camp combined the power of coding, electronics, and hardware, to help ninjas create a collection of unique interactive games, and projects that they got to play and explore while working together to reflect, and share their work as they invent any ways to interact with computers with things like cardboard, foil and playdough.
Makers with Microcontrollers
In this camp, Ninjas explored the exciting world of physical computing with the microcontroller called microbit. This tiny computer makes it possible for Ninjas to design a variety of interactive projects, such as a wearable Nametags and Pedometer, digital pets, a multiplayer game, and much more. Throughout the week, the ninjas became makers, coders and game designers by harnessing the power of code, sensors, sound, and much more. 
Intro to Roblox development
In this camp ninjas learnt the basics of game building and creative development in Roblox. It’s an exciting, user generated online gaming platform similar to Minecraft. Campers used Roblox to create much more than just a game during this camp! This camp taught the ninjas how to play, design and build their own 3-D world! They learnt how to create houses, mazes, world building, story creation, and created an obstacle course and added scripts! We finished off the week with a scavenger hunt game and capstone project! We can’t wait to see everyone at the next camp; Next level Roblox! 

Still thinking about what your kid should do this summer? Click the link below to check out our 2023 Summer Camp schedule. Lots of options to choose from!