Summer vacations are always a fun time! Time to relax, enjoy, make new friends, and most importantly, to learn something new! That’s exactly the promise of Code Ninjas Summer Camp. Our 2023 summer camp was off to a great start on 30th May with 23 different camp options to choose from all through summer.

Week 4 (19th June - 23rd June 2023)

Our first full month of summer camps is almost over and the fun is just getting started! As the summer heats up in Houston, Week 4 of our Summer Camps was 5 days full of learning and fun for all age groups! We had 6 different camps on offer at our center.

Morning Camps:

  • JR STEM Discoveries
  • Moviemaking with Minecraft®
  • Robotics with LEGO®

Afternoon Camps:

  • JR Adventures in Game Design
  • Adventures in Game Design
  • LEGO® Python Engineers

JR STEM Discoveries

Created for our youngest Ninjas, this camp is all about becoming a maker with stem while designing and building hands-on projects to develop their engineering and design skills!

Moviemaking with Minecraft®

In this camp, Ninjas learned how to express themselves and let their creativity shine through storytelling and movie making in Minecraft! Ninjas worked together to have fun, crafting movie scenes, legendary stories, and an epic movie. The campers imaginative movies was shared during a movie premiere event on the final day. Through this experience, Ninjas leveled up their knowledge of teamwork, Minecraft, building skills, and movie making!

JR Adventures in Game Design

Created for our youngest Ninjas, this camp builds a foundation of basic coding concepts through coding games, such as hide and seek, a simple clicker game and a maze. They had a blast remixing games into their very own creations, while learning how to create backgrounds, characters, and more!

Adventures in Game Design

Ninjas explored different programming concepts as they created various arcade style games, inspired by breakout, snake, and flappy bird, using a block-based language called Scratch. Ninjas were introduced to basic game design concepts, and learned how to use different types of blocks (or programming concepts) to create their own games. Concepts included variables, conditional loops, functions, animation, clowns, video, detection, and more!

Robotics with LEGO® & LEGO® Python Engineers

What do you get when you combine engineering and computer programming? Robotics! What do you get when you combine Robotics and LEGO? Robotics adventures that are full of endless creativity, fun, and collaboration! Using the LEGO Education Spike Prime set ninjas were introduced to motors, sensors, and other Robotics hardware which was used to build and design autonomous robots that can think like a human, move like a self driving car, and act like a coach! Ninjas also learned the fundamentals of the Python Programming language as they programed each robot to navigate challenges and complete task, while our ninjas in LEGO ROBOTICS used block coding!

Still thinking about what your kid should do this summer? Click the link below to check out our 2023 Summer Camp schedule. Lots of options to choose from!