Summer vacations are always a fun time! Time to relax, enjoy, make new friends, and most importantly, to learn something new! That’s exactly the promise of Code Ninjas Summer Camp. Our 2023 summer camp was off to a great start on 30th May with 23 different camp options to choose from all through summer.

Week 5 (26th June - 30th June 2023)

We’re almost mid-way through our summer camps for 2023. This week 23 had 3 different camps that have been quite popular during the past 4 weeks.

Morning Camps:

  • Makers with Microcontrollers

  • Code Your Own Arcade

Afternoon Camps:

  • Moviemaking with Minecraft®

Makers with Microcontrollers

In this camp, Ninjas explore the exciting world of physical computing with the microcontroller called microbit. This tiny computer makes it possible for Ninjas to design a variety of interactive projects, such as a wearable Nametags and Pedometer, digital pets, a multiplayer game, and much more. Throughout the week, the ninjas became makers, coders and game designers by harnessing the power of code, sensors, sound, and much more.

Code Your Own Arcade

The ninjas created a retro-style arcade games with Micrsoft MakeCode Arcade. Throughout the camp, Ninjas combined the power of coding with game design to enhance their programming skills and develop games inspired by classic platformers, adventure games and more! At the end of the camp, they brought their games to life on handheld gaming devices.

Moviemaking with Minecraft®

In this camp, Ninjas learned how to express themselves and let their creativity shine through storytelling and movie making in Minecraft! Ninjas worked together to have fun, crafting movie scenes, legendary stories, and an epic movie. The campers imaginative movies was shared during a movie premiere event on the final day. Through this experience, Ninjas leveled up their knowledge of teamwork, Minecraft, building skills, and a movie making!

Still thinking about what your kid should do this summer? Click the link below to check out our 2023 Summer Camp schedule. Lots of options to choose from!